Engage University enables you to acquire the knowledge and the skills to become a positive leader.

Engage Action Hub allows you develop or contribute to high-impact projects.

ENGAGE University Programs

Transformation Program
Offers a training of

  • 10 days over 4 months or 5 days in a row around the 5 themes of the transition:

    New technologies and the common good
    Environment and climate change
    Individual and collective governance
    New complexities

Exploration Program

It addresses an issue or a skill.

Among the themes :
– Develop responsible and inspiring organizations
– Act for a humanist digital transformation
– Mastering Collective Intelligence

Format : 2 complete days or 4 evenings

Corporate Programs

Tailor-made for companies, allows to deepen the themes of the Transformation or Exploration programs.

Examples of themes:
Digital: towards a Humanist Transformation
CSR: developing responsible and inspiring organizations
Governance: towards new individual and collective governance

Our Events

Engage Days 

Three days of conferences, workshops, art and collective actions to meet with those who think the world of tomorrow and help those who build it. There are a time of exchange, action, encounters, understanding, collaboration, creation.

The next Engage Days takes place at The Camp, a place of interdisciplinary, positive innovation and inspiration.

You wish to attend? Contact us at communication@engage.world

Engage Action Hub

Participate in High Impact Projects


We support projects with high societal impact through collective intelligence and action.
– We organise an Engage Camp
– We establish an interdisciplinary team to support the project on the long run
– We gather the community opinions, skills and network

Do you wand to submit your project to the community?

Please contact us : communication@engage.world

Engage With Refugees

The first project internally imagined and developed by the community.
Our mission : facilitate the social and professional integration of refugees, display their talents and change the social prejudice on them.

An initiative launched at the Engage Days. After the publication of a first book of testimonies sold with 3,000 copies, realized by and with refugees, Engage With Refugees is now developing its peer to peer mentoring platform.

Engage Camps

Gatherings of about 50 persons during 3 hours of collective intelligence that mobilise the community around a project.

Do you need the support of the community? Do you wand to submit your project to the community?

Please contact us : communication@engage.world

Our values