Reinventing our model through collective action

Engage Network inspires the community through a media and conferences-actions.

Engage University gives everyone the knowledge and skills to become an actor in the coming world.

Engage Action enables everyone to contribute to high-impact projects.


We live in time of transition. A new world has to be built. The challenge is both urgent and exciting.

No matter our position, our age, our skills, nor available time; we believe that the era in which we live in is a wonderful opportunity for each one of us and the civil society as a whole to engage effectively and enthusiastically.

From education to politics, from the environment to culture; we want to facilitate the success and achievement of projects that realistically improve our lives while redefining the obsolete models which they will replace.

As we connect with others, making full use of the tools currently used to facilitate collective action, our impact will be measured, valued, and multiplied.

Collective action, a web platform to facilitate engagement, a laboratory to nourish projects; the Engage community collectively invents tools that will allow everyone to contribute effectively, in the conviviality of the joy of being together, with the sensitivity of the artistic dimension which goes beyond the mere efficiency.

ENGAGE is a movement, an energy, a fluid whose heart is the relationship with ourself, others, and the world.

Our mission: Make Desirable Presents Happen.

Engage Network

Engage Days 

Three days of conferences, workshops and collective actions to meet with those who think the world of tomorrow and help those who build it. There are a time of exchange, action, encounters, understanding, collaboration, creation.

The Engage Days takes place at the Moulin d’Andé, one hour away from Paris, a place of interdisciplinary, creation and inspiration.

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Time to Engage

A media to spread positive thinking, solutions and inspirations as well as bring awareness on current issues. The articles are written by Engage University’s speakers, all specialists in their fields.


A quiz to better understand the world we live in and find concrete solutions to take action.

Do you want to build a more desirable world? What if we were first to understand it better?

Test your knowledge of the contemporary world in five themes: new complexities, technological innovations, democracy, ethics, environment, then find concrete solutions to act and engage in a project.

And you, which actor of change are you: visionary, democrat 2.0, natur (al) iste, socialgeek or justiciar?

And now, play on, it’s your turn to act !

Engage University allows everyone to deepen :

Our programs

Transitions Program
Offers a training of 10 days over 4 months around the 5 themes of the transition:

New technologies and the common good
Environment and climate change
Individual and collective governance
New complexities

Exploraction Program

It addresses a theme in depth in an accessible format: one evening a week – Wednesday 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm – 6 weeks

– First program : developing responsible and inspiring organizations
April 19 to May 31

– Second program : towards a humanist digital transformation
June 7 to July 12

Corporate Program

Tailor-made for companies, allows to deepen the themes of the Transitions and Exploraction programs.

Examples of themes:

Digital: towards a Humanist Transformation
CSR: developing responsible and inspiring organizations
Governance: towards new individual and collective governance

Engage Action

Engage Camps

Gatherings of about 50 persons during 3 hours of collective intelligence that mobilise the community around a project.

Collective intelligence at the service of a project with a high social impact.

Format: 40 to 50 persons – 3 hours
ENGAGE IN: Inspiration entry
ENGAGE OUT: Participatory exit

– Respond to the first needs defined by the project leader.
– Define medium-term needs and areas of contribution.
– Choose the first circle of person engaged on the project and ENGAGE Angel.

ENGAGE Camps are based on different formats of collective intelligence.

Want to organize an ENGAGE Camp around your project?


Collective action to develop projects with a high societal impact that reinvent our model.

– Establishment of interdisciplinary teams

Facilitate individual and collective expression of talents and skills:
– Time and spaces of collective imagination
– Time and space for collective action

Bring your opinions – skills – network

Engage With Refugees

Facilitate the social and professional integration of refugees, display their talents and change the social prejudice on them.

An initiative launched at the Engage Days after a workshop Engage Camp of collective intelligence and action. A month later, a first step was launched: a book published and sold with 3,000 copies, realized with refugees.

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