Quel Engagé suis-je ?
Intervenant Engage University
Mon métier / activité
Directeur du Développement et des Relations Internationales au Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI)
Moi en quelques mots
Gaëll loves nurturing ideas, empowering people and developing stuff. Over the years, his research interests evolved from the development of the brain to the development of the planet. With a pronounced taste for breaking silos, Gaëll has developed projects successively in Neuroscience, Open science, Collective Intelligence, Urban studies, Energy and Sustainability for non-profit, public and private organizations. He is the founder of S.A.P.I.EN.S, an open access, multidisciplinary journal focused on integrating knowledge to foster advances in sustainability research and inform policy. Found of wildlife, he is also the co-founder of iGoTerra, an online platform to record manage and share wildlife observations. Gaëll graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure and has a PhD in Neurobiology. https://cri-paris.org/
Mes causes
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