Fundamental economic, social and environmental transformations are currently underway. Since 2015, ENGAGE has put at the heart of its ambition the will to help citizens and organisations rise to the challenges of the 21st Century, among which : complexity, the environment, governance, technology, ethical entrepreneurship.

Its activities consist of four hubs:
> ENGAGE Citizens gathers citizens, companies, NGOs, media around projects that help solve social and environmental challenges.
> ENGAGE Corporate accompanies companies’ transformation through training courses that combine inspiration, learning processes and putting knowledge and skills into motion.
> ENGAGE City is a space dedicated to impact, that welcomes our activities and our ecosystem of partners.
> ENGAGE University offers programmes lasting from a few hours to three months that allow participants to acquire essential knowledge and soft sills to engage in the transformation of our societies for the common good.

Our Programmes give participants the opportunity to: 

  • Understand and expand their vision of contemporary issues: reconsider the planet and its resources, imagine tomorrow’s cities. innovate towards humanistic technologies.
  • Develop their skills: master collective intelligence, convince and inspire engagement, communicate and manage in a constructive way, renew their creativity.
  • Apply new knowledge in their area of responsibility in order to create or take part in the development of contributive projects.
  • Enter a multidisciplinary network of innovators and confront their points of view.



75 hours divided into five weeks over three months to develop essential knowledge – complexity, environment, technology, governance, ethical entrepreneurship – and soft skills – collective intelligence, conscious leadership, creativity, positive communication, public speaking – to become the specialist of change management in your organisation.


Three programmes to master essential soft skills:

> Utopic Fiction (3 hours): to develop your ability, as a group, to imagine new stories that will be the bases of tomorrow’s world.
> Art of speech (4 hours): practicing public speaking to better communicate your ideas, develop a structured speech and inspire your audience.
> Collective intelligence (2 days): discovering and experiencing tools of collective intelligence and learn how to become an authentic and conscious leader.

ENGAGE Citizens is an association of public interest. It gathers citizens, companies, NGOs and associations to participate in solving collectively the major challenges of the 21st century. Our action platform allows everyone to better understand the main issues that define our current societies and to initiate and contribute to impactful projects through their knowledge, skills and network.

We rely on a community of 5,000 active members and an ecosystem of partners that provide content, financing and/or visibility to the projects we implement.

For each of its initiatives, ENGAGE offers the possibility to actively participate in conferences, collective intelligence workshops and training programmes to launch meaningful projects.

We’ve recently launched our Biodiversity Challenge:

        • Our community will accompany four companies during ten months in their transformation to become allies of biodiversity, through training processes, conferences and operational workshops.
        • We will initiate in 2021 a nationwide campaign destined to the economic sphere to raise awareness on the challenges surrounding information and democracy.

As companies are set to play a major part in our societies’ need for transformation, they more than ever need to reinvent themselves, as well as their purpose. Our wish is to help companies align their activities with the requirements of the challenges we face in the 21st century.

We provide training courses tailored to your company’s need to empower your team with essential knowledge and skills and pave the way to the development of impactful projects.

We design challenges that guarantee long term engagement, from the learning process to the implementation of concrete and operational changes.

ENGAGE City was created by ENGAGE to gather its community of thinkers and doers that share the same will to reinvent our societies, the same thirst for change and the same desire to take action. The range of initiatives of ENGAGE Citizens is wide : inclusive technology, access to care, environmental mobilisation, education…

ENGAGE City is a creative and multidisciplinary campus designed to welcome our ecosystem, the projects launched by our community and our public events in a 1.500 square meter space located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

Our Community

Our community of 5,000 individuals and organisations who share our vision and take part in our different projects and programmes. They create an inestimable symbiosis by sharing their experience, competencies and knowledge and putting them to use to help speed up the transformation of our societies.

Our 150 international speakers, members of the ENGAGE network, form a community of specialists, thinkers and doers, leading experts in their eld, who share common values. This community brings together researchers, academics, social entrepreneurs, leaders in NGOs and associations, philosophers and writers, corporate leaders, artists and innovators.

Our Values