Arup Ghosh a créé la Tomorrow’s Foundation il y a près de 30 ans à Calcutta. Partenaire de la création d’ENGAGE India, il s’emploie aujourd’hui à créer des liens entre nos deux régions. 

You are the co-founder of the Tomorrow’s Foundation, partner of ENGAGE in India, could you tell us more about it?

I, along with my brother Swarup, created the Tomorrow’s Foundation about 29 years ago with the blessings of Mother Teresa.
The main objective being to cater to the needs of underprivileged children and youth in the field of education Livelihoods through a life cycle approach. The main pillars being education, child protection, disability and skills Livelihoods. Through this long journey we have impacted more than 35,000 children and youth.

What are the more pressing issues for India today?

As per the world Economic Forum Report by 2030, India is poised to become the third largest economy, which will represent both opportunities and challenges.
In coming decades, consumption growth and the Fourth Industrial Revolution will create tremendous opportunities in the emerging Indian market.
3 Pressing challenges are certainly ahead :
1. Skills development and employment for the future work force. As 10-12 million working age people will emerge in India over the next decade.
2. Socio economic inclusion of rural India.
3. Health and Sustainable future.
New health concerns, urban centres grappling with high rates of congestion air, water and waste pollution are undermining the well being of Indian citizens.
To sustain future growth, business and policy makers must address these challenges together to find solutions.
The country will urgently need young dynamic conscious leaders.

What do you think ENGAGE can favorise in India ?

Engage university founded in 2015 aims at empowering future leaders by developing their knowledge of the 21st century challenges and their mastering of the necessary soft skills.
Both private and public sectors have a major role in this upcoming evolution and need therefore to hire next generation conscious leaders. India really needs that.
Plus top of it India must quickly learn from the developed nations the various knowledge and skills to address their challenges.

Do you wish to create more links between India and Europe?

In order to have an inclusive world, I think the time has really come to share and build bridges between countries and continents.
Developed nations like Europe can share the best practices while emerging countries can share frugal innovations, etc.
India being one of the biggest democratic country in the world also has a great treasure of wisdom and knowledge on spirituality which must be shared.
The différent cliches which India still holds today must be broken so that she can encompass the other developed nations for mutual benefits at all levels.

You participated to the programmation of the Indian Festival. Tell me more…

Modern India is a great mix of old traditions plus new cutting edge technology, innovation, etc.
This festival will try to show the various facets of classical musics which varies from one state to another. Renowned artists will try to showcase this mosaic of different forms of art and culture.
It will try to create bridges to inspire more people in Europe and nourish their curiosity.
Live it and feel it …..

One world to describe our desirable futures ?

Samata sarvabhutesu etad muktasya laksanam 😉 …which means…
Equality in all beings, this is the sign of Freedom.

Namaste 🙏